The Department is headed by a qualified and inspiring person Prof.M.S.Shekara Raju who has 33 years teaching experience. He received B.Tech in civil engineering from Acharya Nagarjuna University in 1983 and M.E in structural engineering from IIT ROORKEE in 1988. He worked as a Principal for two engineering colleges and he served S.R.K.R Engineering College, Bhimavaram, for a continuous period of 25 years as a faculty of civil Engineering. His areas of interest are construction, structural design and maintenance of structures.

At VISIT, we believe that core/traditional engineering disciplines are as important as the interdisciplinary/modern branches of engineering. The social structure of a society is often exhibited through its civil engineering efforts - be it Angkor Watt or the Egyptian Pyramids. The Department of Civil Engineering is established in 2012. It offers B.Tech program with a student intake of 60.In VISIT the four-year B.Tech program of the department is dedicated for delivering technically proficient and ethically responsible engineers to the society. The main motto is to enhance the technical and communication skills by providing the necessary environment such as well equipped laboratory and smart class. Every student is guided by the highly qualified faculty to achieve their goals.

Civil engineering is a prime and basic engineering branch which provides all the basic needs of human life. It has a wide range of its applications at each and every moment of our life. It provides the most important needs like food and shelter for our happiness. Any kind of project of any specialization starts with the preliminary assistance of civil engineering. A wide scope of employment opportunities when the country is under developing stage. No work for civil engineer leads for no development. Development of any kind is linked with civil engineering. I feel proud to be an engineer - civil engineer. Our country is in a great need of civil engineers as we all wish our country to flourish.

With best wishes.