We at EEE department continue to transform the way we live - from the latest gazettes through sophisticated scientific and industrial technologies. The EEE department endeavors to streamline the career options and pave ways for recent graduates to explore new career opportunities. The EEE graduates will have the opportunity to work in various private/Govt./ public sectors and industries. Further, our graduates has various options to choose for career growth viz. he can easily switch over to software field or can opt for design/fabrication of electronic hardware engineer or can also chose to become an entrepreneur.
Electricity has become the basic need for survival globally. Electrical engineering thus deals with study and application of electrical systems for use in these different environments. It equips you with knowledge of Transmission and distribution, generation of electrical power, electrical circuit design, electronics, instrumentation, control system, understanding electrical networks, etc. The department seeks to combine excellence in education and research with service to the industry.
Our department has been progressing towards excellence in the field of teaching with a team of dedicated, experienced and qualified faculty members, who have diverse interests in the field of Electrical Engineering. In these times of enormous competition, the only way ahead is networking of all kinds of resources- people, ideas, knowledge and expertise. The core values of the department help the students to develop their overall personality and make them worthy technocrat to compete and work at global level. Electrical department aims to produce graduates to meet the needs of core and We Strive Relentlessly, to constantly improve Ourselves, Our Staff, Our Educational Services and Quality of education So As To Become the Best. We always work with the motto Nothing can be achieved without genuine effort.
Our Laboratories have been very well established not only to cover complete syllabus but to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject (both the practical and theoretical depth of knowledge) and develop skill sets of students to become promising engineers in future.
I feel blessed and proud on being the Head of the Department and congratulate and thanks all my faculties and supporting staffs for being generous and supportive to me. I congratulate my students for being successful professionals and good human being and being an asset to the society.
Electricity is a positive energy. Lets make it green.

With best wishes.