Venkatesh is responsible for implementing training programs, assessing trainee needs, evaluating results, and offering advice to program beneficiaries. His role is to develop in their student skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving or coaching.

Vinod Varma has been working as Soft Skill Trainer for the past 14 years.He organizes different kind of events to develop the Soft Skills.His core competency includes programs on corporate etiquette, Change Management.He has managed the entire training functions for the corporate sector including Content development, Mentoring Students . He has been actively associated with people from various cultural backgrounds to bridge the areas in communi cation and comprehend the changing needs of an organization.

Ambedkar has been working as English Trainer for the past 10 years.He Trained different Professionals and students in the area of English Language Skills,Soft Skills and Communication Skills.He is creative and possesses excellent inter-personal management skills. He has conducted training programs on People Management, Leadership, Communication skills and has been consistent in nurturing goals towards positive results.